We’ve Got you Covered

Get dental, vision, hearing, discount Rx and more in one place.

Get affordable care for the entire family. 

For Brokers For Brokers

Flexible and customized benefit plans at competitive prices.

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For Groups For Groups

Benefit solutions provide clear path to comprehensive coverage and access to thousands of in-network and extended network providers.

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For Individuals For Individuals

More benefits for less! Convenient and affordable options to quality care for the whole family.

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We Want to Be Your Dental Home

We offer access to affordable, quality, dental, vision, hearing, and discount Rx benefit coverage bundled or separately.

MIB Dental: when you need dental care, access our extensive network of MIB providers through a managed dental health program (DHMO).

The MIB dental network includes a DHMO dental plan with the choice to:
  (1) visit nearly 1500 independent contracted providers, or
  (2) visit hundreds of Western Dental centers

MIB Vision: immediate coverage options for exams, savings on professional materials in thousands of convenient locations, including most retail locations like Walmart and Sam’s Club.

MIB Hearing & Discount Rx: Value added coverage for less to discounts on hearing tests, low-price guarantees to hearing aids, and discounts to prescription (Rx) drugs.

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